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Green Supply Chain

In shipping communications equipment to sites for installation, packaging consumes a large amount of natural resources, timber especially. With its Green Supply Chain Solution, Huawei can help save 12,000 cubic meters of timber by way of recycling and reduce 6,172,000 tons every year.


In order to reduce the consumption of timber, the industry's leading suppliers are working hard to promote renewable packaging materials and improve the recycling of these resources.

We have reduced the consumption of packaging materials by utilizing lightweight materials and smaller packaging, continually investigating more appropriate packaging, and extending the life cycle of the packaging products through the establishment and improvement of an effective recovery system. These can be summarized by using the 6R concept, that is: rational design, reducing supplies, recycle, reuse, recovery, and renewable.

Our Solution

The "Transportation Cabinet" is typically a reusable unit with associated reusable packaging. This solution is based on recycled wood materials, visualized packaging technology, assembly technology, standardization and appropriate design.

Together with a universal logistics platform, the "Transportation Cabinet" solution reduces the consumption of natural resources such as timber at the packaging and logistics stage, and promotes sustainable development of resource-saving and environmentally friendly packaging and logistics within the industry.

Applications & Benefits

By working in partnership with our customers on their network implementation projects we have shown that, compared to the legacy packaging solution, the "Transportation Cabinet" solution can save about 50% of timber, reduce about 20% to 30% of the packaging weight, and extend up to 2 to 4 times the service life of the packaging, while reducing about 5% to 10% the lifecycle cost, and raising operational efficiency about 80% to 90%.

According to Huawei's shipment statistics, using this solution and our continuous improvement program, 12,000 cubic meters of timber, 2,700,000 liters of oil, and 750,000 KWH power can be saved, and 6,172,000 tons carbon dioxide emissions reduced every year.   

Issue 23(08/2015)