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Huawei Core Network 4G Communications
The video is about an unfortunate biker’s story, which displays how 4G commutations impact our daily life for any situation and from any device. In addition the video shows the business opportunities offered by core network communications solutions such as V2oLTE (Voice &Video) and (Communication as a Service)

SingleCORE, the simple solution for transformation, provides a single core network solution to enable network's smooth evolution and smart operations, while bringing enhanced experience to users.


To support the next-generation services, all types of network operators worldwide have started or plan to start the transformation of their core networks. It is important for operators to capitalize on the lessons of the last major transformation from TDM to IP and carefully weigh the choices available to make the journey as smooth as possible.

Our Solution

SingleCORE solution incorporates smooth network evolution, enhanced user experience, and smart system operation to help customers meet their strategic development requirements and achieve smooth transformation toward a future-oriented network.

  • Smooth Network Evolution

Based on an unified Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) hardware platform, SingleCORE solution makes the journey of the current network towards a fully centralized architecture (ICS) a step-by-step evolution through software upgrades alone, to accommodate requirements of different scenarios for fixed and mobile operators. To further reduce migration costs, SingleCORE also includes a SmartCutover tool to extract, analyze, convert, migrate and test subscriber data, eliminating human errors. To make the transformation transparent to the end users, the new network retains 100% of legacy services and subscriber data is migrated smoothly.

  • Enhanced User Experience

The core network transformation is not just about improving the voice quality with new technology. In order to create “sticky” customers, it should also provide new features which satisfy requirements of shareholders. For example, the solution provides enterprises and SMB users with a convergent IP Centrex and a hosted carrier-class videoconferencing service with full interoperability. It provides families or individuals with services, such as RCS service in many different forms (soft-clients, USB dongles and web based interfaces). SingleCORE solution also facilitates operators in third-party service expansion by offering a standard and open application programming interface (API).

  • Smart System Operation

SingleCORE solution provides unified network management and simplified routine maintenance. By collecting data in the existing network coming from different sources, it enables network visualization, dynamical detection, and quick location of problem causes. It also enables operators to prevent churn and keep high contribution customers happy through closely monitoring the quality of experience of VIP customers and anticipating complaints.

Applications & Benefits

Our SingleCORE solution aims to facilitate successful network evolution for operators and allows for smooth evolution and improved O&M efficiency, thereby helping operators save on operation expenditure. It also provides diversified media services to help operators increase revenues.

Related Success Story

After cutting over to the optimized MSC Pool solution, China Unicom Zhuhai achieved “one-time service recovery and centralized management through softswitch networking without wireless network upgrade”. This success has also prepared China Unicom Group for a large-scale commercial deployment of the solution.

By replacing its separate core networks for 2G and 3G with a unified All-IP core network architecture, Vodafone Romania realized significant OPEX savings and was better positioned for future market growth.

MegaFon was quickly expanding throughout the Russian Federation but its MSC-based network could not keep up. With the award of 3G licenses looming, the operator made a successful leap to an All-IP network.

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