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Telefonica and Huawei SDN Migration on IPv6
Telefonica and Huawei have jointly innovated the SDN IPv6 and submitted the use case to the Open Networking Foundation. In addition, SDN IPv6 has been deployed at the Santa Clara Huawei campus and SDN IPv6 Internet Access has been provided for the Network Functions Virtualization 2nd meeting.

IPv6 migration is a complex topic, although it is a very basic technology of network protocol, but telecom and IT ecosystem are impacted by IPv4 address depletion issue deeply and widely, and no one can exactly figure out the scope. Customers need to move to IPv6 fast and smoothly, Huawei IPv6 professional service is the best choice for them. Huawei also provides IPv6 Professional Services by using systematic methodology, process and people.

With end-to-end IPv6 solutions and various IPv4-IPv6 transition technologies, operators can solve the IPv4 address depletion issue and smoothly transform to IPv6.


The dramatic growth of Internet services has been depleting the IPv4 addresses. Though technologies like network address translation (NAT) and classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) have helped to ease the concern, yet they fail to solve the IPv4 address exhaustion. As part of the effort, IETF has created the IPv6 protocol, which sets to promote the development of new services and technologies in areas like mobile communications and home entertainment.


To help operators face the IPv4 address depletion and IPv6 transformation, we provide solutions covering the following fields:

Introducing IPv6 to legacy networks: Operators introduce IPv6 user access in their legacy IPv4 network by using technologies like dual stack, 6PE, L2TP, and 6to4. In this context, operators can introduce IPv6 users and services gradually in their existing networks.

Solving IPv4 address shortage: By using solutions like CGN, NAT64 and PNAT, operators can develop services without relying heavily on the public IPv4 addresses, but to provide services through private IPv4 address or IPv6 address.

Professional services: Huawei has developed an end to end “IPv6 transformation service” to help operators plan IPv6 deployment securely, cost effectively with minimal risk across networks and services infrastructure. Huawei IPv6 service is delivered based on a complete service delivery lifecycle covering 8 phases, Consult, Plan, Architect, Implement, Operate, Optimize, Innovate and Expand.

Application & Benefits

Operators can benefit from Huawei’s rich experience in IPv6 and its evolution. Huawei can provide end-to-end IPv6 solutions for Internet access, 3G, NGN, IMS, FMC and more, while supporting IPv4-IPv6 transition technologies like dual-stack, tunnels, and protocol translation. Scoring high during the IPv6 tests, the Huawei data communications devices, broads and interfaces can help operators success in the IPv6 transformation.

Huawei has gained 70% market share in the China Next Generation Internet project, while selected as the sole supplier for NAT-PT and BAS equipment. Huawei is also the only supplier of IPv6 bearer network for the Universiade 2011 Shenzhen, which covers 67 stadiums and 7,500 users, providing rich IPv6 experience to athletes, reporters and audiences. China Telecom has also joint hands with Huawei to have IPv6 trails in a number of cities. In addition, Huawei has provided the IPv6 Transformation Services to the SingTel Group to help them smoothly transform to IPv6.

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Issue 23(08/2015)