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SingleFAN Bring copper access into gigabit era
BT and Huawei did the industry first trial in October 2013. The standard progress and trial solutions were introduced in the video. The trial user also shared the service experience with

By providing a unified access platform for copper, fiber, and coaxial cable, Huawei SingleFAN delivers an enhanced user experienced through 50-100Mbps access; it also aides the network deployment process, while enhancing O&M and TTM efficiency and reducing CAPEX/OPEX.

Customer requirement

Smartphone and Internet video service innovations have increased the hunger for bandwidth so much that traditional networks are failing to meet the demand. As a result, operators around the world are beginning a new round of ultra-broadband construction. In support of such infrastructure construction, most nations have implemented national broadband plans. For example, the EU proposes the DAE (Digital Agenda Europe) which requires 30+Mbps ultra-broadband to reach 100% coverage and 100Mbps ultra-broadband to exceed 50% coverage.

In newly developed districts and in dense urban areas, it is more appropriate to construct FTTH (fiber to the home). For example the Fiber City Plan in China provides a serious boost to ultra-broadband network construction because it requires all new buildings to be fiber-ready. However in old districts, and rural areas such as those commonly found in Europe, ultra-broadband network transformation will be tough going because the FTTH solution will face a series of challenges including complex fiber renovation, difficult fiber home-entry, long project cycle, huge network investment and slow ROI (return of investment), etc. Furthermore, large scale FTTH will be a threat to interior decoration in some cases. However the existing access resource, such as telephone lines, coax cable, Ethernet cable, or power lines can be reused in order to construct an ultra-broadband network without damage to any buildings. In this way, cultural heritage is preserved and CAPEX is dramatically reduced along with a reduction in TTM (time to market).

Solution & Advantages

Huawei SingleFAN2.0 provides a fiber & copper unified platform integrating high speed FTTC/B/D (fiber to the cabinet/building/door), smart FTTH, distributed D-CMTS, high quality FTTO (fiber to the office), flexible FTTW (fiber to the wireless) and smart iODN solution. Based on unified architecture, unified software and universal management, as well any media accessing (telephone line, coax cable, Ethernet cable and fiber etc), it can cover all ultra-broadband access in any scenario (home, office, or moving transport). It helps carriers to enhance efficiency of FTTx network investments, construction and O&M, and to shorten TTM.

Construct Network @ Any Media On-Demand

  • Fast FTTC/B/D solution: FTTC solution provides one-stop delivery of intelligent sites. FTTB solution is suitable for any site, provides remote power feed, is waterproof, and includes all-in-one equipment. FTTD solution supports any media access, remote power feed and free home-entry.
  • Smart FTTH solution focuses on smart home entry, Wi-Fi full coverage at home network, smart connection at digital home.
  • Smart iODN: supports smart O&M on passive optical network, E2E active and passive management, efficient management on network resources, and automatic connection on backup ports.
  • High quality FTTO solution: extend FTTx network to enterprise customers, upgrading QoS assurance, and highly reliable link protection.
  • Flexible FTTW backhaul: take advantage of extensive FTTx network to achieve LTE and Wi-Fi hotspots backhaul, flexible configuration at indoor & outdoor sites, providing E2E clock synchronization and POE for remote power feed.

Unified and Efficient O&M

  • Aggregated management on massive remote equipment: For massive remote access devices, SingleFAN2.0 provides aggregated management that simulates the remote devices as OLT sub-frames or boards on the CO side. Independent management IP is no longer needed and all remote devices can be managed at the OLT, which simplifies network management, enhancing management efficiency and reduces Northbound OSS integration time.
  • Unified Active / Passive management: In addition to the automatic management of active equipment, combined with iODN smart optical network, SingleFAN2.0 also provides automatic association management at optical connectors & interfaces to achieve E2E service automatic management and enhance efficiency on service provisioning.
  • Copper & Fiber fault auto-location: copper solution provides several line test functions (SELT, DELT and MELT etc) and DLM (Dynamic Line Management). Fiber solution provides external OTDR and e-OTDR (embedded OTDR). By co-working with iManager N2510, it can achieve copper & fiber fault auto-locating, fast fault isolation, enhancing O&M efficiency and saving OPEX.

Application & benefit

Huawei SingleFAN2.0 solution can make full use of existing network resources, effectively reduce deployment costs, and rapidly deploy ultra-broadband networks. It has become widely respected by carriers. In the UK, Huawei provides FTTC one-stop solution integrating equipment, power, cabinet and buttery in one set to help BT quickly roll out superfast broadband. BT began to construct FTTC at the end of 2009, as of 2013 Q3 BT has deployed more than 40K outdoor cabinets, covering more than 17 million families with a superfast broadband network and providing superfast broadband connections to more than two million families. The superfast broadband network provides better experience for video services. In August 2013, BT released BT Sport video service which gained sharp growth among both television and superfast broadband subscribers. By reusing existing copper resource, network deployment is quick. BT forecasts that by 2017 it will achieve 100% superfast broadband coverage across the UK, which will meet the requirement of the EU’s Digital Agenda three years in advance. BT CEO Gavin Patterson shared his appraisal with the media: “Huawei is our good partner and they are very customer-focused”. To date, Huawei SingleFAN2.0 has a served 39 of the TOP 50 telecom operators worldwide including BT, Swisscom, Eircom and TI, etc. It serves more than 200million broadband subscribers and has held the greatest broadband market share worldwide for five consecutive years.

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