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MBB Virtualization
Glen Hunt from Current Analysis was talking about MBB virtualization on 2014 Global Analyst Summit. NFV has the ability to improve the service delivery capability.


SingleEPC provides leading, huge-scale network capacity and performance to decisively meet and capitalize on dynamically changing mobile broadband challenges and opportunities.


Explosive growth in both traffic and signaling has creating unprecedented demands on network capacity and reliability. Industry focus has also shifted considerably toward delivering convergent and core-heavy multimedia services, and expanding network architecture on demand to monetize new market innovations. SingleEPC leverages the benefits of ocean-like broadband capacity, network orchestration and on-demand network features to meet these challenges and achieve continuing business success.

Products & Solutions

SingleEPC provides ocean-like broadband capacity and performance:

  • MSE – Multi-Service Engine provides service-based routing, smart charging policies, as well as smart bandwidth and traffic optimizations for video and web browsing.
  • Signaling Protection Mechanisms – Protect the EPC and connected nodes against traffic overloads and complications from massive signaling storms.
  • Networker – Leverage network openness for the purposes of enabling and monetizing on-demand user experience optimizations.

Success Stories

By 2014 Q1, 113 commercial EPC networks has been deployed by Huawei for over 240 operators worldwide, and has maintained a top market standing for number of shipments over the past three years.

  • EE in UK – 2012, the largest SGSN was launched to simultaneously serve 1.6 million 3G subscribers.
  • Yota in Russia – 2010, the largest EPC Gateway was deployed to provide 21 Gbps throughput traffic for an LTE network.
  • Vivo in Brazil – 2011, the largest SGSN Pool was deployed to serve 11 million subscribers.
  • T-Mobile in Germany – 2010, the first end-to-end GSM/UMTS/LTE convergent network was deployed.
  • PCCW and Hutchison in Hong Kong – 2011, a LTE/EPC MOCN solution was provided to both operators.

Related Success Story

To ride the mobile data boom in India, Aircel completed its packet-switched project in a timely manner so as to quickly roll out services in new telecom circles that resulted in a fivefold growth of mobile data subscribers while supporting a 20-fold increase in traffic.

After Saudi Arabian operator Mobily leveraged Huawei’s HSPA offerings and unified packet core – SingleEPC in order to utilize its 3G and HSPA+ data bandwidth, it not only reinforced its position as MBB market leader – with a market share of more than 70% – but was also able to directly challenge fixed broadband DSL.

Deutsche Telekom has solved its 2G and 3G data service challenge by deploying intelligent, high capacity packet core networks. The resulting boost to its European networks has helped the operator consolidate its leading position and build a strong base for future network evolution.

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