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Service Delivery Platform

Building Successful Service Innovation Ecosystem with Huawei Digital SDP
Yu Guangyang and Mac Taylor talk about how Huawei Digital SDP helps operators building a successful service innovation ecosystem.

The new open digital economy will be a diamond shaped industry– where we will witness a significant shifting from a vertically-integrated to a horizontally-integrated industry, disaggregating into a set of layers. There are three layers from the bottom to the top: Communications & Cloud Infrastructure Provider, Service Creation and Provision and Service Retailer.


Asymmetric competition from growing, global OTT messaging and voice services mean that traditional telecom voice and SMS revenues and profits worldwide will face accelerating decline. Over the next five years, some analysts estimate this revenue decline could reach as much as 40% in some mature markets.

First, operators need to focus on building a service innovation ecosystem that allows third party developers and service providers to build innovative communication and digital services that fulfill real consumer needs and solve real business problems for individuals, home users, enterprise and industry. External partners, developers or service providers should work together with operators, allowing the value of the ecosystem to grow far beyond what an operator could create on its own.

Second, operators should expose unique network assets through a platform that enables creation, deployment, execution, orchestration and management of new services for digital individual, digital home, digital enterprise and digital industry (including M2M etc.). Operators are in a unique position to enable the easy consumption of communication capabilities by industry applications. At the same time operators have to secure their network resources to ensure quality of service for every subscriber and every digital service in the ecosystem.

Finally, operators should focus on building a new go-to-market strategy that delivers these digital services to every sector of the emerging digital economy from travel to healthcare to financial services and beyond.

Our solution:

Huawei Digital SDP is an E2E business solution that allows operators to build, manage and monetize a fully functioning digital services ecosystem by opening their unique digital assets. In the digital ecosystem, partners create services and operators support them with value-added features that enable efficient deployment, execution, orchestration and management rich set of services.

Currently, America Movil, China Mobile, Dtac Thailand, Mobily Saudi, XL Indonesia and many operators are seeing substantial revenue increase by designing and delivering advanced and innovative digital services in an open, fast, low-cost, simple, safe and secure fashion using this platform.

The key highlights of the solution are:

  • On Demand Open Platform and Faster Integration: Huawei Digital SDP helps operators to move towards on-demand and open framework with the open platform that exposes the underlying telecom resources/ API providers etc. to large developer community in a controlled and regulated environment. It provides unified network access and pre-integrates with the existing IT / Telecom enablers saving significant time and cost on integration.
  • Engage growing Digital ecosystem with service innovation and reduced TTM: Huawei Digital SDP aggregates all the resources at one place and builds a centric digital ecosystem having win-win synergy to accelerate the value chain partners. The simplification of the service creation activity, with services templates, results in a reduced TTM while enhancing the ability of both operators and their partners to innovate and manage a broad range of digital services pertaining to digital individual, digital home, Digital enterprise or Digital Industry services (M2M etc.).
  • Unified Management and Agile Business Enablement and Operations: Huawei Digital SDP allows the unified management of multiple services, content and partners in a highly efficient, streamlined way. It provides agile business enablement supporting the commercial use and operation of the digital services with the business processes that complies with and provides extensions to e-tom framework.
  • Decreased CAPEX/OPEX through cloud transformation: Huawei Digital SDP helps to migrate selected digital services and enablers into a cloud infrastructure. The process allows for harmonizing and simplifying systems by providing common system management, unified network access and single point of integration with charging and other functions thus help in reducing Capex/Opex.

Refining Edge over others:

  • With the pre-defined service templates (subscription, on-demand, voting, interactive and messaging), Service TTM was reduced from 1 month to 1 week.
  • Various processes are streamlined/optimized and redefined to speed up the services. Workflows are implemented to connect diverse departments. This has reduced the partner on-boarding time from 2-3 months to 2-3 weeks, settlement time from 3~6 months to real- time settlement per month.
  • Based on various organizations, specific roles have been defined to provide the new levels of visibility, control, and flexibility in a single place. This leads to an increase in the work efficiency of daily operations. It saves up to 60% workload for daily VAS service operations.
  • Due to the stability of the baseline version, effort is mainly put on the customization and nearly 50% of the implementation time is saved.
  • As Huawei Digital SDP in the network pre-integrates with the existing IT enablers and Telecom enablers, single integration for the new applications will complete all the integration requirements, thus by saving nearly 30% to 50% integration costs.
  • It was found that Huawei Digital SDP helps TCO to be reduced more than 30% through network consolidation and cloud migration.


1. Expanding its foot-prints worldwide

Huawei Digital SDP is deployed at more than 160 operators worldwide including top operators (America Movil, Telefonica, Vodafone, China Mobile etc.) and is expanding its foot prints every year.

Let's hear what our customers say:

  • "We are very proud of this cooperation between Mobily and Huawei. The Middle East's first commercial next generation Service Delivery Platform ( SDP) is part of Mobily's initiative to enrich the telecom sector and customers' experience," said Mobily's CEO Khalid Al Kaf. Mobily Interview
  • "Huawei Digital SDP allows us to integrate a seamless range of services for different networks and countries, so we can continue leading innovation for the mobile market throughout the Latin American region" ---- Luis Miguel Gilpérez, Director of Mobile Business, at Telefónica Latin America.
  • "I have done CP migration with some project member here since 7 year ago. For that time total number of CPs as services are much lower than this time but it takes almost 2 years to migrate all services with so many problem before we can decommissioning the old platform. The challenge we face is not only from product and technical point of view but we really need a good communication, planning, coordination, commitment and contribution from all project team member and partner. For SDP migration track, I saw project team was working very hard day and night for 7 months consecutively and finally we can do it!! This is really great achievement. Thank you for all effort and contribution from dtac team, Huawei team and also Partner." ----- From Technical VP, owner of the platform, DTAC, Thailand.
  • "Proud to have achieved the completion of Service Delivery Platform( SDP) implementation within 3 months, surpassing the industry standards and making it the fastest SDP implementation in the history of Indian telecom industry." ----- Thanks Letter From TATA Docomo India.

2. Industry Awards

  • Won Academy Award of telecommunication field-Best SDP by GSMA 2010 in Mobile World Congress, Barcelona
  • Won PRC National Science and Technology award 2012 in China
  • Huawei Digital SDP is finalists for the TM Forum Solution Excellence award for the year 2014

3. Analysts' View on Huawei Digital SDP: Leading in SDP Global Market for last 5 years

Huawei Digital SDP is maintaining its top position consistently in SDP global market share for last few years as presented by analysts in their reports

  • No. 1 by Infonetics SDP global Market share report for last 5 years (Feb. 2014)
  • No. 1 by Gartner TOMS Market share report for last 4 years
  • "Very Strong" position in Current Analysis SDP Product ratings' 2013

4. Embedding experience in TMF standards with contributions: accepted

Huawei Digital SDP is compliant with TMF Frameworx. Business processes, information domains and applications can be easily mapped between Huawei Digital SDP and Frameworx. Having the experience of implementing a number of global operators' digital service strategies, Huawei Digital SDP has proposed new additions/extensions for eTOM, SID and DSRA, that have been accepted and will be part of next release of frameworx.

e-TOM Contributions: Partner on-boarding, Personalized customer interface and Product information modification

SID Contributions: SID Customer Account Balance

Open Digital Contributions: DSRA- API Service Broker Management Domain new function

DSRA Contributions:

  • Architecture Principles: Proposed three principles:- Automation, Service Isolation and Extendibility

Detailed action week Madrid 2014 submitted contributions can be found at:

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